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Most people are aware that the outdoor air is polluted, but fail to take measures for the air inside their home or business. You may know that indoor pollution is a major issue and could even be contributing to breathing problems or asthma. Do you or anyone in your household suffer from allergies or respiratory issues? Air purification can help!

Regardless of how often you clean your home, contaminants can still be trapped inside the air and circulate around, wreaking havoc on your health. At The Lee Thompson Co, our indoor air quality experts recommend air purification systems to clear the air in your home. We offer reliable air purification systems in Houston and the surrounding areas.

A high-quality air purification system can remove all types of allergens and contaminants from the air, including:

  • Cooking odors
  • Pet odors
  • Tobacco smoke and odors
  • Chemical vapors

Contact us at (713) 715-4126 to learn more about your options. We offer free estimates on new equipment installation!

Benefits of Installing an Air Purification System

Our licensed and insured technicians have more than 50 years of experience providing indoor air quality solutions to homeowners and business owners in the area. We are trained to install quality equipment from reliable manufacturers that can be integrated into your heating and cooling systems and decrease respiratory issues. You can rely on us to work with you to put together a customized plan which fits your budget and your existing HVAC equipment.

A few advantages of installing an air purification system include:

  • Reduction in the growth of bacteria and viruses
  • Improvement of asthma and allergic reactions
  • Reduction of skin conditions, dry eyes, and sore throats
  • Protecting your HVAC equipment
  • Increased operation efficiency
  • Decreased dander, mold, dust, and pollen

Reliable Air Purifier Repair Services

If your air purifier has broken down and needs to be repaired, our Houston air purification repair technicians can help. We know how to quickly diagnose all types of air purification equipment to determine what is wrong and provide you with an effective solution.

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Get your AC replacement done by The Lee Thompson Co in Houston TX
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Get your AC replacement done by The Lee Thompson Co in Houston TX
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